Purpose and Scope

It is a common platform for all academics, especially young sociologist, and those who are outside the academy, to express their own words by making them independent from the chains and limitations of academic hierarchy, community and hegemony. Sociologca's editorial policy is to evaluate authors outside of academia without belittling and without criticizing their work in a pedantic manner. Young people are supported to choose their subjects freely and they are given the opportunity to gain their own equipment. The magazine will maintain its tendency in this direction in the upcoming period as well, and will continue to be the basis for young friends to speak their own words and reinforce their courage and self-confidence.

Sociologca Journal tries to reveal Turkey's original contribution with the aim and goal of the future unity of the world. It contributes to the discussion and solution of problems in Turkey and the world together. It carries out its publishing activities with this understanding. It creates unity and solidarity among scientists. With the perspective of overcoming the East-West conflict for the integrity, future and solidarity of people and history, it aims to produce critical knowledge in line with egalitarian, libertarian values ​​and universal principles of science, to access information easily and with equal opportunities, to protect and support academic freedoms under all conditions.

In the field of sociology and social sciences, in order to determine the basic problems and scientific priorities of Turkey and the world and to ensure its integrity, containing but not limited to the subjects; the East-West distinction and conflict with a historical perspective, the main problems of sociology, the history of Turkish sociology, social change and social structure in Turkey, History of sociology, Ottomanism, Westernism, Westernalism, Orientalism, sources of politics, socialism, historical geography, Western and American identity, Mediterranean Civilization, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkan countries studies, geopolitics, international relations, globalization, localization, Islamophobia, hate speech, immigration, war, population, family, children, youth, old age, gender, women, security policies, functioning and problems of institutions, Istanbul sociology, identity, culture, civilization, art history, language and literature, music, cinema, painting, city, architectural design and problems, economics, archeology, religion, communication sociology, working life, health, law, morality, agriculture, industry and technology, education, history and method of science, leisure, sports, daily life, environmental problems, social policy, social movements, violence and crime, historical heritage and conservation, sociology of tourism, human rights and democracy, authoritarianism and freedom; it includes especially research and review articles on subjects in various sub-fields in sociology, such as theoretical studies, case reports, books, films, etc. introduction articles, workshops, conferences, et al., papers also could be published in the journal.


The publication language is Turkish.